Concrete Patio Styles for the Season

A concrete patio is no longer just a simple addition to the exterior of your house,especially with all the modern designs and surface materials available in the market. This then begs the question as to which style you should select for your home.

Design Requirements for 2017

Each year brings with it some design trends that must be considered when constructing a patio. For this year, following are some of the design trends and facets which are prevalent; and which you can choose from.

  • Functionality is back with a bang, and it is not enough to simply make the patio look good. It also has to be functional, enabling the owners of the house and visitors to use and enjoy amenities such as seating, dining facilities, fire and heating systems, and even a mini herb patch!
  • Longevity is more important than ever, which is why materials such as wood are not as popular. Concrete is a lot more preferable in this regard, being not just a stronger material, but also a much more versatile one.
  • A concrete patiohas to be aesthetically adept as will, in order to lend itself well to the outwards décor of the house. This translates well into uneven concrete slabs or stamped concrete.
  • Space is another major concern this year. Since outdoor living is more appreciated than ever, there has to be a balance between the patio space and the rest of the garden.

As for concrete patio styles, anything rustic in appeal will do very nicely, especially when the design scheme is carried forward into designing the amenities as well. This means classic European seating arrangements, as well as a Tuscan/Western European fireplace or contemporary oven. An ample amount of greenery is also in, and will look fabulous when it is complimented by the classic design of the concrete patio.

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