Stained Concrete for Homes: Applications and Ideas

Stained concrete is one of the most common types of concrete flooring that we see in homes today. The general outward appeal of the material is due to the look of the material, which after the coloring treatment, begins to resemble marble. The only difference being a greater degree of durability and a considerably lesser cost!

What is Stained Concrete?

Simply put, colored concrete is smooth concrete that has been treated with either an acidic solution (which makes for acidic-based coloring stains) or pigments and acrylic polymers (which make for water-based stains) to color the surface.

During the former type of coloration, the acid produces a chemical reaction in the surface of the concrete which produces that color. In the latter process, the acrylic polymers permeate deep into the concrete, seeping through the minute pores and bonding with the material to produce a permanent color.

The result is a surface that looks very shiny and smooth, and of course, with a vivid color.

Stained Concrete Applications

Following are some of the stained concrete application ideas for your homes, which will not only up the style factor of your interior, but will make the surface a lot more durable and stain-resistant.

  • Concrete Stairs: A marble staircase is an item of classical appeal, having originally been installed in houses of royalty and nobility, the marble staircase is, however, quite expensive to build and craft. Stained concrete presents a wonderful alternative to the classic material, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Concrete Floor: A colored concrete floor is the most common type of stained concrete. This can be taken up a notch by having a floor that very closely resembles actual marble, with the natural stone pattern that you would commonly see in cloudy stones such as onyx.
  • Concrete Seating: Seating, here, does not refer to chairs and stools, but to cubicle sections of stained concrete built alongside and diagonally through halls and lounges in order to provide a sort of in-built seating. This is more of an aesthetic feature, but one that can increase the appeal of your house a lot.

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