Do you want to spruce up your outdoor space? Wish you could create a unique outdoor retreat? If yes, then consider installing a concrete patio. Concrete is the best choice for patios for all the right reasons and if you go a little creative with it, you can create a relaxing and awesome entertaining space for friends and family to enjoy and have a great time. And this is exactly what we will share with you in today’s post. Read on to learn some of the best ideas to work with a concrete patio.
The design versatility of concrete patios is appealing to both homeowners as well as elite outdoor planners. Therefore, upgrade your outdoor space with a beautifully designed and well-crafted concrete patio. It will serve more than an investment but also a lifetime worth of luxurious enjoyment. Concrete is weather-resistant and thus, you can enjoy years of lounging, entertainment and dining with minimal upkeep in Tulsa Oklahoma’s ever-changing weather.

Idea #1–Add Warmth to Your Concrete Patio

Once your concrete patio is poured, try to add warmth to your space by accentuating it with wooden benches, fencing or other accents. A stained wooden bench will accentuate a gray patio as well. We just finished up a decorative concrete job in Broken Arrow, OK as described above.

Idea#2— Use Plants and Greenery

A concrete patio in the backyard can instantly liven up with the help of plants and garden beds. Green spaces contrast beautifully with concrete. Besides this, it provides a relaxing environment for you to unwind and take in fresh air. Put simply, greenery can instantly make your concrete patio tranquil and relaxing.

Idea#3—Concrete Patio with a Fire pit

There is nothing more fun and enjoyable than spending a summer night with friends around an open fire. For this you don’t even have to go to the woods and camp. You can create a fire pit at the center of the patio where everyone can gather around to enjoy the heat and make a toast or roast marsh mellows with friends and family. A fire pit makes a great addition to a concrete patio and the concrete application sets it off perfectly.
For more information or to get a concrete patio, get in touch with us today. We are expert installers of all types of concrete in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma. We can also give nice ideas to enhance the concrete patio into a stunning outdoor retreat.