Concrete driveway installation is one of the many things we offer.  Complete Concrete of Oklahoma is a leader in Tulsa, Oklahoma for concrete driveway installation.  We also tear out and replace and repair driveways.  We always use a 4000 psi concrete mix in our pours.  A standard pour uses 3000 psi.  Rebar is an important element that we use too.  When combining the above, we reduce the chance of your concrete driveway cracking significantly.  We also cut or float our expansion joints.  Expansion joints relieve the pressure and give the concrete a place to crack.  Our professional installation crews have been pouring and finishing concrete for over 25 years.  From start to finish, we are professional, and very hard working.

There are many concrete options to choose from in today’s concrete industry.  Staining, or acid staining will bring a great look to your concrete pour.  Many people think concrete is drab or boring.  By staining the concrete you can tie in other elements of your home very easily.

Stamped concrete is also a great way to enhance the look of your concrete pour.  We have several stamp patterns to choose from.  Stamped and stained concrete is more cost effective than say, a paver.  However, you can still obtain a flagstone or stone look when stamping.

Being that we price our jobs by the square foot, a free estimate is very easy to do, and very timely.  Almost every instance, we can come out and have an estimate to you within 48 hours of our visit.  You can reach us on our site at  We also have a Youtube channel that shows the jobs in progress which we have found to be helpful.

Whatever your Tulsa concrete contractor needs, call Complete Concrete of Oklahoma today for a fee, no obligation estimate at 918-850-4843.

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