Indeed, the concrete flooring is perhaps the most reliable and superior yet affordable solution when it comes to renovating or building residential or commercial buildings. But they are not as visually appealing as you may want them to be. This is where decorative concrete resurfacing is a viable option that is done on top of the existing layer of concrete thereby enhancing the aesthetics of your structure.
However, with a variety of different types of decorative concrete floors available in the market it can be quite overwhelming to decide on which one is the best and right for you. To help you make an informed decision, let us help you navigate through your options wisely. Continue reading to learn about the different types of decorative concrete floors in detail…

Stained Concrete
The colorful and unique quality of stained concrete makes it a popular concrete flooring option. Unlike the standard grey tone concrete, stained concrete is available in a variety of different colors as well as effects to match the stain used on your flooring.
Stained concrete is best for people who want their concrete flooring to be functional, durable and colorful. This type of decorative concrete floor is bound to create an awe-inspiring and eye-catching element for your space.

Stamped Concrete
This flooring option is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Experienced and skilled contractors use stamping mats to create this type of decorative concrete. It can mimic both wood and stone flooring. Apart from that, it is versatile flooring and slip-resistant.
Stamped concrete is an ideal option for those individuals who want to incorporate pattern and design to their flooring or who want to mimic the look of more expensive floorings than concrete.

Polished Concrete
Designed for performance and built to envy, polished concrete is undisputed. It is easy to layout, affordable and in terms of visual appeal it is 10/10. You can transform your regular concrete floor into an expensive looking and ultra-stylish polished concrete in the fastest time by using chemical grinders and densifiers.
From the grade to the color and finish, you can customize practically everything with this type of decorative concrete. It is perfect for those who want to get flooring that will always look chic and never look outdated.
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