How do you find a great concrete company – Tulsa?  Complete Concrete of Oklahoma is Tulsa’s premier concrete contractor.  We set ourselves apart from our competition in many ways.  First, we use a minimum of 3500 psi concrete in every pour.  Second, we use rebar in every pour.  Third, our customer service.  We can usually get to concrete jobs within 7 to 10 days.

Complete concrete can be found on the web at or if you search Concrete Company – Tulsa.  We specialize in a variety of concrete installations.  To name a few, we install stamped concrete, stained concrete, and regular broom finished concrete.  Decorative concrete is becoming more popular because of it’s price point.

With so many concrete companies out there to choose from in Tulsa, we are focused on customer service.  An owner of the company does the estimate for you at your residence or place of business.

We are split about 60/40 with regards to residential concrete and commercial concrete installations.  We service Tulsa, Oklahoma and all of the surrounding areas.

Concrete installation is not something to take lightly, as you only have one chance to get it right.  Call us today for a 100% free estimate.

The types of concrete pours we specialize in are the following:

  1. Driveways
  2. Patios
  3. Walkways
  4. Foundations
  5. Slabs
  6. Stamped concrete
  7. Stained concrete
  8. Decorative concrete
  9. Counter Tops
  10. Much more

We encourage all customers to view our work on our website or facebook page.  We also have a YouTube channel to see the work taking place on many of our concrete projects.  Our website has a tab so you may view our current insurance information which is essential in hiring a concrete company.

Call us anytime if you have questions or need an estimate at 918-850-4843

Complete Concrete of Oklahoma does not deliver concrete as a service.  We are strictly a Tulsa concrete installation company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.