When looking for a concrete company in Tulsa, look no further.  Complete Concrete of Oklahoma is your one-stop source for all concrete installation.  Today I would like to talk about the wind that is so prevalent in Oklahoma.  Most of us would think that it would be great to pour concrete on a windy day.  You may think that it would make the concrete dry faster.  You would be right, however, this is a potential bad thing.

If it is too windy, the wind will dry out the surface of the concrete at a different rate than the rest of the pour. The outcome can be a big problem to the concrete pour.  If this drying happens to the top of the concrete, you will see cracking within hours, if not minutes after finishing.

So how do you combat this from happening?  On too windy of a day, we just do not pour.  If we feel like we can proceed, once the concrete is down, and throughout the finishing process, we lightly mist the top with water to keep the surface wet.  This process will allow the concrete to dry at a more equal rate, thus preventing cracking due to wind.

It is always best practice for the concrete pour to dry in the slowest rate as possible.  This process applies to concrete driveways, walkways, foundations, and any other concrete pour.

So remember, when selecting a Concrete Company in Tulsa, select one that does what it takes for the best pour possible.

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We specialize in concrete pours of all kinds and install both residential and commercial concrete.

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